Our vital work underpins cutting-edge responses to a very broad spectrum of environmental issues and challenges, and with a new structure in place from the end of 2019, we are hugely excited about the new opportunities which are emerging in the short and medium term.

We’re looking for applications from highly qualified and experienced professionals who can bring us what we don’t yet have – so while a credible understanding and awareness of environmental science and climate research is obviously essential, the commercial and philanthropic roles to which we’re recruiting will materially enhance our current capacity, in new spheres that we previously haven’t needed to excel in. While we certainly want you to be sufficiently curious about our work to learn from us, we are very clear that we also want to learn from you.

The key is to be able to harness your professional experience, skills and networks of influence to the service of our vision for CEH. It’s an intelligent, focused opportunity to play your part in building a safer, more environmentally resilient and sustainable future.

We’ve engaged Cadence Partners to support us in these appointments, so for a more in-depth conversation about the roles or any issue that isn’t covered on this candidate microsite, please contact Andy Wong on 07951 332235 or e-mail ceh-trustees@cadencepartners.co.uk to arrange a conversation.

I look forward to receiving your application.

Yours sincerely


Professor Mark J Bailey