Our world-class research underpins evidence-based decisions and innovation by policy makers and businesses and engages with people; supporting sustainable development and improving society’s environmental legacy.

  • We work with business, policy makers and environmental practitioners across the globe.

  • We nurture robust multidisciplinary national and international collaborations.

  • We operate the UK’s terrestrial and freshwater long-term and large-scale research platforms.

  • We provide training for the next generation of environmental scientists.

Created in 1994 from the combination of four existing NERC research centres, CEH now has an annual budget of £40 million, with 360 scientists and 160 postgraduate students based over four UK sites: Wallingford; Edinburgh; Lancaster University and the University of Bangor. CEH is the UK’s research centre of excellence for integrated research in land and freshwater ecosystems and their interaction with the atmosphere. The organisation works at international scale and is recognised for the outstanding quality of its environmental research.

CEH undertakes world-leading research and long-term monitoring that advances integrated knowledge in land, air and freshwater ecosystem science. Its portfolio of scientific research capability addresses critical environmental and societal challenges; including natural resources, food security and supply, environmental hazards and environmental and climate change.

Our expertise underpins the UK’s flood and water resource forecasts, approaches for restoring and remediating degraded ecosystems, data interpretation that informs and reports against international policies on emissions, climate change and biodiversity, identifying and addressing the impacts of near-troposphere pollution and air quality, safeguarding soils and carbon stocks, and the development of decision support tools for the sustainable intensification of agriculture and the management of ecosystem services and water resources.

CEH works across disciplines and actively promotes and facilitates academic, public, private and voluntary sector partnerships in the terrestrial and freshwater sciences to strengthen the economy and improve society’s environmental legacy.

Further information is available at CEH website: www.ceh.ac.uk/about

Our mission

To deliver a national capability in long-term environmental monitoring and observing systems, shared services and facilities, modelling, expertise, advice and the management and evaluation of the data we curate and generate for the terrestrial and freshwater sciences sector. The health and security of the world’s population are dependent on securing the value of nature, building resilience to environmental hazards and managing environmental change.

These major environmental and societal challenges drive CEH’s research. CEH’s independent, impartial science provides the evidence base for UK and international policies and innovation for sustainable economic growth.