Our Strategy 2025 will be launched in early 2020 and aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, delivering the scientific evidence-base for a healthy, productive and resilient national and global environment. The working titles of the core elements of the draft strategy are as follows:

CEH science provides the evidence base and informs three overarching socio-economic environmental challenges:

  • To create resilient sustainable ecosystems

  • To reduce and prevent pollution

  • To build resilience to climate change

CEH Underpinning Core Capabilities:

  • Monitoring & Observation

  • Experimental Platforms

  • Analytics, Forecasting & Projection

  • CEH National and International Role, including the training of the next generation of environmental scientists

  • CEH Function strategies that focus on our Values, People & Skills and Partnerships to deliver Excellence with Impact.

We have placed the evolution of our mission and purpose as an independent research institute at the heart of our new Strategy. We will clearly articulate our underpinning capability, scope and scale of operation and our interaction with the community, through a series of Issues under each Challenge. To highlight CEH’s recognised expertise and relevance, these will include Issues such as Enhancing Biosecurity, Clean Air and Integrated Water Resources Management.

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